Election meeting for equity certificates holders in Sparebanken Vest

The election meeting for equity certificates holders was held at
14.30 on 31 January 2020 in Sparebanken Vest’s premises at Jonsvollsgaten 2 in Bergen.


  • Presentation of Accounts 2019 by
    Executive Vice President / CRO Jan-Ståle Hatlebakk and
    Accounting Manager Wegard Kristense
  • Election of the equity certificate holders representatives to the General Meeting
  • Light refreshments  

The following representatives of the equity certificate holders shall be elected to the bank’s General Meeting.

6 members for a period of office of four years
2 deputy members for a period of office of four years

The provisions concerning representation of equity certificate holders and elections to the General Meeting are set out in Articles 3-2 and 3-7 of the bank’s Articles of Association.

A personal notice of meeting  will be sent to the equity certificate holders.

Equity certificate holders who are registered in the Norwegian Central Securities Depository are eligible to vote. Each equity certificate carries one vote. Pursuant to the Articles of Association, no one may vote for equity certificates that represent more than 15% of the equity certificates issued. The rules relating to the consolidation of ownership interests follow from the Financial Undertakings Act Section 6-5.

Equity certificate holders who wish to attend the meeting personally must register here or return the registration form by post by the deadline 28 January 2020.

Results of the election 2020 (for the period January 2020 - January 2024):


Trond Mohn
Bjørn Eknes
Åsmund Skår
Borghild Storaas Ones
Jon Olav Heggeseth
Lars Martin Lunde

Deputy members:
Siri Schwings Birkeland
Magne Roar Sangolt

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