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Basic product package

BECOME A self-service customer in sparebanken vest

Our basic banking products

Our basic banking products make you a self-service customer in Sparebanken Vest.

We offer our basic banking products to all new customers.

The basic products include:

  • Bank account
  • Visa debet card
  • Online banking facility

Your new account

You can receive your salary, benefits, and pension into your new current account. You have access to your money at all times through your card, the mobile bank app and the online banking facility. A statement of your account will appear monthly in your online banking facility.

Your new Visa card

  • Your new card enables onsite payments and the ability to withdraw cash in Norway and abroad
  • Within Norway you can also withdraw cash when using your card to pay in shops
  • 24-hour card assistance is available by calling +47 915 05555
  • You have full overview of your spendings through your online banking facility
  • Your card will arrive in the post within 7 days
  • You get access to your PIN code for your card in your online banking facility
  • Visa Electron cannot be used for online shopping

Your new online banking facility

When you log on to your new online banking facility, you will get a full overview of your accounts. Through the online bank you may:

  • Pay bills
  • Transfer money between your accounts
  • Get a transaction overview
  • Check your bills due to be paid

We are confident that you will find Sparebanken Vest easy to use!