Subsidiaries, associate- and product companies

Sparebanken Vest is continuously working on strategic business development. This has resulted in the formation of several new companies and initiatives within various areas of financial services and products.

Eiendomsmegler Vest

Eiendomsmegler Vest is a wholly owned real estate agency and is the leading player in the housing market in Western Norway.

Sparebanken Vest Boligkreditt AS

Sparebanken Vest Boligkreditt AS is wholly owned by Sparebanken Vest. It was formed in 2008 for the purpose of managing loans and issuing covered bonds.

Norne Securities AS

Norne Securities AS was formed in 2008. It has established three business areas: Online brokering, stockbroking and corporate finance. The company’s head office is in Bergen and Sparebanken Vest is the biggest owner with 47,6%. The remaining shareholding is owned by thirteen other independent savings banks and Must Holding AS.

Frende Forsikring

Frende Forsikring consists of the sister companies Frende Livsforsikring and Frende Skadeforsikring.The company was formed in 2007 and its head office is in Bergen. Sparebanken Vest has an  ownership interest of 39,7% in the parent company Frende Holding AS.The remaining shareholding is owned by fourteen other independent savings banks.

Brage Finans AS

Brage Finans AS is a financing company that was formed in 2010. Its head office is in Bergen. In addition to Sparebanken Vest, which is the biggest owner with an ownership interest of 49.9%, Brage Finans is owned by eleven other independent savings banks. The company offers customised financing products with the main emphasis on the leasing of all types of operating equipment,  plus loans secured by the purchased object.

Balder Betaling AS

Balder Betaling AS was established in 2017. A company that, among other things, exercise ownership in the payment service Vipps together with fourteen other savings banks. Sparebanken Vest is the largest owner in Balder Payment with one 36.6% stake.

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