The board of Directors

The board manages the bank’s activities and is responsible for ensuring that the funds at the bank’s disposal are managed securely and expediently.
The board must also ensure that the bank’s activities are organised in a satisfactory manner, and it is obliged to make sure that the bank’s bookkeeping and asset management are subject to adequate control.

The composition of the Board of Directors
The Board of Directors consists of ten members and two deputy members elected by the Supervisory Board. The Chair and Deputy Chair are elected by the Supervisory Board in separate elections.

Three board members and one deputy members are elected by and from among the bank’s employees. Only members of the Supervisory Board elected by the employees are entitled to nominate candidates for election as employee members and deputy members of the board.

Following the election in March 2020, the board consists of the following members:

Anne Marit Hope
Anne-Marit Hope (1959)
Board member
Arild Bødal
Arild Bødal (1965)
Chairman of the Board
Magne Morken
Magne Morken (1958)
Deputy chair
Agnethe Brekke
Agnethe Brekke ( 1968)
Board member
Birthe Kåfjord Lange
Birthe Kåfjord Lange (1973)
Board member
Christine Sagen Helgø
Christine Sagen Helgø (1968)
Board member
Gunnar Skeie
Gunnar Skeie (1955)
Board member
Henrik Gundersen
Henrik Gundersen (1983)
Board member
Kristin Axelsen
Kristin Axelsen (1966)
Board member
Marianne Dorthea Jacobsen
Marianne Dorthea Jacobsen (1980)
Board member