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About Sparebanken Vest

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About Sparebanken Vest

With continuous banking operations since 1823, Sparebanken Vest is well established in Western Norway. Sparebanken Vest is an independent, listed financial services group engaged in banking and financing activities in the counties of Hordaland, Rogaland and Sogn & Fjordane.
The bank is headquartered in Bergen. Sparebanken Vest provides financial services to both the private and corporate sectors.

Sparebanken Vest is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE) under the ticker SVEG.

A regional leader

The overriding goal for Sparebanken Vest is to take position as the leading and most preferred financial services group in Western Norway. To accomplish this the bank has defined four key strategic themes:

The establishment of Sparebanken Vest as a financial services group

  • Strengthen the bank’s cultural and professional development
  • Establish better and more efficient distribution
  • Further develop the Sparebanken Vest brand

Sparebanken Vest and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The bank’s business concept is two-fold, with the emphasis on banking operations, but also taking account the bank’s social involvement.

The vision underlines that through professional banking operations the bank will be a driving force in development of the social and commercial life of Western Norway. As an independent organisation, Sparebanken Vest believes it has an important role to play in enriching society.

The bank seeks to support and promote all positive elements involved in the development of Western Norway. Sparebanken Vest distributed funds for the public benefit of MNOK 150 in 2018.

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